Upgrade Your Life with Washmate's Advanced Technologies.

Washmate Deluxe's advanced technology upgrades your life. See our unique features.
Instant -warming Water
Enjoy a continuous stream of warm water throughout the wash cycle.
Heat Seat
Sit down on the toilet seat. The sensor and deodorizing functions start immediately.
Self-cleansing, Retracting Sprayer
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Hot air comes out to dry your skin after washing.

Advanced Unique Features

Once you experience the benefits of a bidet cleanse, you’ll never go back to unsanitary toilet paper.
Wash Mate’s Bidet advanced features enhance your family’s safety, comfort, and hygiene.
The smart sensor only  allows the water to spray when the seat is occupied.  

Cleaner Life Ever.

Constructed entirely of anti-bacterial plastic, the Washmate creates a sanitary environment that is easy to maintain. The water wands retract after use, and as they do they are sprayed down with water to remove any particles. A separate wand for front cleansing ensures feminine hygiene. And since you won’t need paper products, your hands are kept safely away from contaminates.

Hygienic Spray Wand

Separate hose and spout for feminine hygiene.Retracts & cleans itself after each use!

Easy-to-operate Remote

The Wash Mate Bidet features customizable preferences on the color-coded control panel that are simple to use. Personalize your experience with the Manual Controls. The Wash Mate Bidet can be customized to anyone’s comfort and preference.
The main bidet wash sprayer for rear cleansing. 
A separate water supply for women’s front cleansing. 
A continuous, pulsing warm-water spray to gently relieve constipation. 
Sets spray to pulse for a more thorough clean.
A moving, warm pulsing spray that soothes irritation. 
Adjust position and sets features to accommodate children. 
A post-cleanse air dryer means you no longer need toilet paper. 
Set to one of two levels to conserve energy use.