Feel Cleaner and Fresher
with Wash Mate Bidet 

Personal Hygiene Toilet Seat

A More Hygienic Luxury Toilet 

Turn any toilet into a full-featured bidet and feel fresh and clean after every use. Nothing is more hygienic than a pure water, hands-free personal wash. The most affordable top-quality luxury bidet, the WashMate includes a heated seat, heated water, air dryer, and safety controls.

Hygienic Retracting Dual-Stream Wand

Twin cleansing wands use precise controls to create a water flow that is targeted, effective, and gentle. A separate front and rear spray ensures complete hygiene, and both wands self-clean and retract after use to avoid any contamination. Push-button position adjustment ensures a precise, targeted clean. 

Smart Seat Technology

The seat senor will only allow the water to spray when the seat is occupied. The heated seat is comfortable and relaxing. Child Mode adjusts features so that they are kid-sized and kid-friendly.

Bubble Wash Massage

The massage feature uses a warm, pulsing spray that moves back and forth to provide a gentle water massage. The optional enema wash is a specialized spray that eases constipation and encourages movement. 

Advanced Features

Instant Warmth 
Self-Cleaning Twin Wands 
Water-Saving and Eco-Friendly 
Smart Seat Technology
Massage Spray 
Family Safe 

Water-Saving and Eco-Friendly 

Say goodbye to wasteful, unhygienic toilet paper. A cleaning spray followed by an air dryer means that you’ll get the freshest, most hygienic cleanse while eliminating your reliance on forest-destroying paper products. The water jets are engineered to use minimal water, and the optional “Eco” mode further reduces power-consuming features.

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Two sizes for the most common seat shapes: Elongated and Round.
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